Lifestyle Income Solution

Step-By-Step Training About How to Create An Online Information Product

Course Summary

Lifestyle Income Solution is a 10-part program that includes video, audio, and PDF training versions for your convenience.

This Lifestyle Income Solution program will teach you all you will ever need to know about how to create and sell information products.
Don't get bogged down in details but as you can see below this is a very comprehensive program and in particular, you will learn the following:

1. The difference between ACTIVE and PASSIVE incomes so people can better appreciate the importance of recurring income because it is the most effective solution to lifestyle income needs.
2. Why you should create your own product so that you can build your reputation and credibility because then you can create your most valuable asset a buyers list.
3. What niche should you select so you can quickly and easily get started using your interests and passions as the basis of your product creation because this will give you a short­cut approach to a successful product launch?
4. The 8 keys to success that introduces you to the essentials of creating a profitable product so that you increase significantly your chances for success because you will know the mistakes and pitfalls to avoid that so many other marketers experience.
5. To understand who will buy your product so that you create exactly what is valued and needed because that will ensure your product creation is also profitable.
6. How to really understand your prospect’s profile so that you can show empathy with their problems because this will enable you to know exactly what type of product solution to focus on.
7. To appreciate the different mindsets prospects are in so that you can relate to their circumstances and then be better positioned to sell them the right solution.
8. Know what are the FIRST STEPS TO TAKE so that you are aware of the major “roadblocks” buyers may have because then you will be able to easily create a product that overcomes these problems.
9. Make sure you understand that many people have mindset limitations and believe they do not have the ability to create their own products so now you can show them how to easily overcome this self­limiting thinking because then they can experience the profitable world of information marketing.
10. Learn how to effortlessly know the profit potential of any niche so that you don’t waste time, money and effort creating a product that no one will buy as this will definitely undermine your marketing confidence and results.
11. What are the key research steps to take so that you can come up with the ideas about the best-selling solutions because you can then more effectively create your very own unique product solution?
12. Understand that everyone has different learning preferences so that you can create a variety of product formats because this will be a far more attractive package with a higher perceived value.
13. What are the best types of content to use so that your customers can better understand your solutions because then they will be able to successfully implement your ideas and achieve the results they desire?
14. How you can easily create your own unique content that will differentiate you from your competitors because then you can become an irresistible force of attraction that will result in an avalanche of payments right into your bank account.
15. Know what are the key questions all buyers have BEFORE making any purchase so that you can create a product that successfully answers these
issues because then you have a much better chance of the prospect buying your product.
16. Be aware of the most common questions asked within your niche so that you can easily discover your hungry marketplace because then you can create what they want so that it practically sells itself.
17. Know the essential reasons why you should become a vendor (product creator) so that you can then have more control over your product’s profit potential because this will enable you to maximize your income streams.
18. To be aware of the 5 most common fears of failure so that you can solve all these problems with your product because then customers will trust you more, know that you understand their situation and be more than happy to recommend you to others.
19. Know how to CURATE and well as CREATE content so that you will never run out of ideas for products because then you can build an ever­expanding business around your product launches.
20. Be aware of the 8 essential tips for successful product creation so that you know how to get buyers attention and provide them with the exact steps to follow because then they will have a far better chance of successfully implementing your product ideas.
21. Discover the #1 market research tool that makes niche discovery and product research easy and fun so that you always have information available because this completely removes that dreaded fear of not having anything to use for your product creations.
22. Know the important elements of both the do-it-yourself AND outsource options for product creation so that you can then make an informed decision because this will enable you to then maximize your return on investment (ROI) both in time and money.
23. Know why education is the best way to sell anything so that you will constantly be seen as the “go-to guy” in your niche because this will position you as an expert and an authority who can command premium prices for your creations.
24. Find out how to effectively spy on your competitors so that you can discover their key concepts so that you can improve on what they offer because doing this will definitely create a profit windfall for yourself.
25. Be aware of the top 30 resource links for product creation so that you will always have an up­to­the­minute supply of relevant information because then you can create products “on-the-fly’ and build an even more profitable online business.
26. Explore the secret product flow ideas that will take your buyers through a special learning process so that they will better understand what you are teaching because it will greatly improve the chances of them successfully implementing your ideas and become loyal, repeat customers in the future.
27. Know what the essentials of an effective offer are so that your sales page is both compelling and irresistible because the success of your sales page will make or break your product launch.
28. Know how to quickly and easily setup a sales funnel with every product launch so that you can offer both frontend and upsell products because then you can maximize the profit potential of any product creation.
29. Know how to quickly and easily find great sales copy ideas so that you can more effectively market your product because then you will also increase sales (and put more money in your pocket).
30. Make sure you really understand the critical concepts of Scarcity and Urgency so that you can optimize your product launch process because then you will also maximize your profit potential.
31. Be aware of the best types of marketing channels for your product so that you can spread the news of your product far and wide because by doing this you will reach a much bigger audience for your product launch.
32. Know EXACTLY what you are offering so that you product relates closely to your selected niche prospects’ preferred requirements because this will significantly increase the success potential of your product creation.
33. Know the 3 critical tests of any online business so that you do not waste time, money and effort creating products that will not succeed because then you will definitely increase your online growth potential.
34. Know that you should always focus on adding value rather than making money so that people will be continually attracted to your products because they will see great value for money.
35. Know how to leverage your product launch so that you can quickly and easily scale things up because by being able to simply expand what you know to be working effectively without any extra effort will boost the success of your marketing campaigns and put a lot more money into your bank account.
36. Make sure you have a support system that encourages communication and provides ongoing service so that your buyers feel safe and “cared for” because then you can turn your buyers into advocates for your future products and significantly increase your sales potential.

Course Curriculum

Peter Beckenham

An Aussie online marketer and business coach who lives in a remote little Thai village. Peter had 16 awesome years as a teacher before entering the world of sales & marketing where he has enjoyed great success for more than 35 years. 

John Smith


Highly Recommended Course. Easy to Understand, Informative, Very Well Organized. The Course is Full of Practical and Valuable for Anyone who wants to Enhance their Skills. Really Enjoyed it. Thank you!!

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